Kerastase Elixir Ultime

I have here 3 Kreastase Elixir Ultime deluxe samples. Mot exactly deluxe as each sample is 3ml. These are beautifying scented oily that can be used on wet or dry hair. These are made in Spain and the samples are cute as they are small and you only need one or two pumps of oil. In this case is just drops. 

The purple one is Oleo-Complexe + Rose Millenaire which is for fine and sensitized hair. To protect and nourish hair making them look shiny and smooth with a lightweight touch, feeling rejuvenated. The scent is nice, quite perfumy. More flower like scent. 

The pink one is Oleo-Complexe + The Imperial which is for colour treated hair. The imperial is basically with imperial tea extract. Also the same to protect and nourish, look radiant and glossy with a sensual softness. This has a light scent. A different kind of perfume scent. It is not so strong, and it seems to fade, but eventually it lingers on. Like it takes time for the scent to show through. 

The green one is Oleo-Complexe + Moringa Immortel which is for damanged hair. This is to make hair more conditioned, looking smooth and soft to the touch. The scent is kind of like baby oil, but the good smelling one. Like a clean fresh scent. Not a strong scent too. 


So only the pink one has the strongest scent. The other two is more subtle. The green one even less. So if i just want to smell naturally beautiful, the purple one will be nice. But the pink one will really makes your hair smells really good. The product themselves are good but I dont really see a difference between them. 

As oil products, they are greasy. Only on the hands when applying them. I use two taps, rub my hands together and run theough my hair. Then I will rub the strains together. It helps to smoothen hair and makes combing easier. I do like it, or them. I can’t really decide as I do like them all. But i will probably use the pink one more often if I were to have them all in full size. Cause I don’t have coloured hair and they are not that damaged. 


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