FAB Face Cleanser

So much raves about this cleanser that I just have to try it. It’s not a cheap cleanser by my standard. So I was disappointed when I find that this doesn’t really do much for my skin. It doesn’t help with my zits. In fact it made them worse. Still, I persist. Only towards the last 1/4 of the product that I find it ok, not in love but just ok. It became a normal cleanser for me. Still doesn’t do much, but at least it doesn’t irritate my skin much longer.
So I don’t really see what the raves are all about.
But here is what it does. It cleans makeup off. It does helps get rid of oil. It doesn’t leave your skin oily. Well, it helps control the oil for about 8ish hours. So that’s quite good. But I really do need a cleanser for my erupting face. And this is suppose to be suitable for sensitive skin, and it just is average for me. Maybe it will suit for really sensitive skin so much better, but this is just not for me. I will try the red packaging next, hopefully it will be better than this.


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