Vivo Smokey Moods

Ever since I got my chocolate bar, I feel everything else I just put to one side. So I put my Too Faced aside, or at least at an angle that makes it hard to take out, therefore I am forced to use my other shadows. I don’t really use eye shadows as much, but sometimes it is nice to make up a bit. A simple lid color will usually do.
So this is where this Vivo Smokey Moods comes in. It’s a 3 color shadows which is simple to use. It also comes with a liquid eyeliner, but that is just dried out. Such a total fail, so I throw that away.
The shadows are good. It’s easy to use, it’s pigmented. Well, they are quite soft and can be quite crumbly, but still smooth to touch. I think this cost me £3 or 4, so can’t expect much out of it. Still a good trio but I feel they are more suited for nighttime. The colors are good for a smokey eye, well I guess you can guess from the name of the palette.
The shadows are glittery. A vanilla white for highlight, a taupe and a brownish shade. Will I recommend this, I would say not really. The colors are not as unique, and they are good but nothing special about them. The eyeliner is totally useless. The dual ended sponge applicator the same. The size of the palette is quite small, but still can be smaller. Has a mirror which a bonus. But I guess I would just depot them and put into a z palette or something.


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