Caudalie Lip Conditioner

It smells so orange. At first I couldn’t stand it, but eventually it smells nice. Well not for nighttime as I got distracted by the scent. The texture is really nice. It’s very smooth and surprisingly really moisturizing. It applies and glides on easy. It doesn’t look thick on the lips, but it’s nice to rub your lips together. So it feels good on the lips. The best part is that it will helps with crack lips. I put this on at night, and the next day, my lips are back to normal. It really makes my chapped lips disappear. For a normal balm texture like thingy, it is awesome!
Oh I feel the smoothness can be comparable to Fresh, but the packaging of this is still in plastic, so it doesn’t have that luxurious feeling. Just the scent is expensive but that I don’t really like.
The bad thing bout this is that it turn into glue. Like sticky and stink. I don’t know what happened, I just opened it up one day and it gone spoilt. It suddenly smelt like wet paint when it’s drying. I only used up like more than half of it. Such a waste. I guess this is what happen when you use a lot of lip balm at one go. Hais.


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