Manhattan Apocalips

Manhattan lip lacquer in Rose & Shine is a beautiful mauve rose. It is super pigmented but a pity it is not a stain. As a liquid lipstick, it does a good job to bring out the color, and glossiness of the product. The applicator has a little scoop. But take a look at the packaging, you will scream Apocalips! Even the scent is the same. Everything about it is the same. I think Manhattan and Rimmel is like Maxfactor and Cover Girl. But I might be wrong. Ok, I’ve checked. They both are own by Coty, who owns lots of Celebrity perfume, NYC, OPI, Philosophy, to name a few. So it’s no wonder the products are pretty similar.

I love the color! It’s just so pink. So mauve. So nuetral but it’s not boring. It just makes your lips look so much fuller. Anyway, the reason I say it is Apocalips is cause I know Rimmel and Manhattan is something I don’t get access to, let alone know it exist until recently. So while Manhattan is in Rose & Shine, Rimmel is in Celestial.

They look so alike. But sometimes I feel they are slightly differ. I don’t know if it’s cause of the lighting, as when I twist and look at different angle, the shade kind of differ. Well, ever so slightly. So I am not sure if it is my eyes playing a trick on me. If you look at the picture, you’ll see a different shade. Rose & Shine is just a tad darker than Celestial. But I really think is cause of the lighting. If you see from the first pic, the swatches – one is more glossy, but that is cause it reflect the light. So I conclude they are the same.


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