Laneige BB Cushion & BB Cushion [Pore Control]

I had these 2 samples. The only other bb cushion is the Dr. Jart bounce bb. It is the same concept, where application is by using the special puff. Well they claim that it is special. Laneige one, the bb cream is contained by the sponge. So the product is being soaked by a sponge. For the Dr. Jart, the cream is being separated by a net that filter the product. But I feel the concept is the same, cause in the end you don’t use get much of the product at one time. Plus the other different is, the Laneige one only lasted me 3 uses. Laneige ones are also SPF50, as compare to Dr. Jart’s 30.

This is the BB cushion. It is whitening, moisturizing, sunscreen, water resistant, soothing, and makeup effects, which is probably to give a clean base.

This is BB cushion [pore control]. It has pore coverage, gives a semi-matt finish, water resistant, longlasting, sunscreen and cooling effects.

I wore them side by side, but I really don’t see a difference. Both shade is the same, shade 21 Natural Beige. The color is good on me. Looks a bit light, but blend beautifully on the face. It is not full coverage, still need to use concealer. But the finish is good. I can use use it for a good 8 hours, with it only being oily around my nose. Don’t need extra powder, but since I use concealer, I have to. It is nice. I like cushions, and I do consider getting a proper full size. I just not sure if I will stick to Laneige or actually get another brand. But ya, for oily skin, this is not bad. Recommended.


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