TBS shower gels – Honeymania & Passion Fruit

Love the fruity scents. It was buy 1 get 1. And I had the most difficult time deciding on what to get. I just love most of the scents and there are just a few that I have not try. I know I wanted to try out their Honeymania, so I took that. I wanted to try something new too but I also wanted an old favorite. In the end I choose Passion fruit cause the color is cool. 

I always find gel is a bit harder to lather on as compare to soap. But using a puff helps a lot. It will help to foam up and making it easier to scrub. The scent is lovely. It lingers quite a bit. Not as strong as the body lotion but still very refreshing. The honey is really nice. I love the scent. It smells like honey but those fake gooey sweet scent. But more of a gentle calming sweet scent. My friend hates it though. She said it smells fake. So I guess it really is dpdp. 



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