Inglot Freedom Duo

I always wanted to try Inglot. In the US each shadow cost US$7. In here it cost S$12. I bought the duo palette and a brown eye shadow shade 357 at 10% discount at Wisma during their opening week. Then in June, I bought the brow powder in shade 557 at $9 after a 25% discount. I got this duo was for my brows. But I wanted eye shadows so that I can use it on the lids too. In the end I found out the different is that shadow is more fine, so it will be smoother. The brow powder will be able to grab onto the hair better. So ya. 

557 is a brown matte. Just brown. Like those crayon you use to color tree trunks when you were little. The 357 is a light tan brown. A matte color, that is is swatch as brown which is darker than the pan. So when swatch they both are quite similar. I mean you can see the difference. One is darker than the other, but it’s still some how similar. You can’t tell much on the brows. Personally it is easier to use the brow powder on the brow as compare to eye shadow. It just as what it was meant to be grab onto the hair easier. But the shadows are good too, but just takes longer. 

The products are pigmented. For the price, quality and choices, Inglot is fair. Sure it’s cheaper to buy them in the states, but still alright to buy it here especially during sales. Plus I like that you can slowly collect the colors. But it will get expensive. So buy with caution. 



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