Sephora 8HR Wear Mattifying Compact Foundation

I needed a new powder, as powder is the most important face product for me as I don’t like to use foundation. So I will just conceal then powder it up. There are times I don’t even bother with concealing. So I was like why not try a Sephora one. It’s only $28, and it is quite alright without the 20% sale. I only try to buy from Sephora during their sales. 

When the SA tried to color match me, I was quite surprise to get a match for Clear Light 20, which is on the lighter shade of the foundation range. The powder is alright. Will not leave you matte for 8 hours, but it is good enough. Touch up is easy enough. You just need to get use to the sponge as the shape is not round. When applied it is quite sheer but it is not transparent. So a good light application. On my face, the color is good. Even though it seems light when swatched. But since it is sheer, so it is ok.  


One thought on “Sephora 8HR Wear Mattifying Compact Foundation

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