MUA Blush Comparison 

I just bought the whole new MUA £1 blushes. I think they are £1. There were 6 shades. So I gathered I will test them all and compare them. 


Marshmallow – a hot magenta. Or maybe a slight neon purple. It’s smooth to the touch, very pigmented. On the cheeks, it’s more of a purple hue, need to really get the pigments on the brush.  

Bubble Gum – a muted pinkish red. Not exactly shimmery, but it’s not that matte either. I guess it’s more of a coated glow. It’s quite pigmented, but use with a brush the colour payoff is just right. The fallout is not as bad as the rest.  

Candyfloss – a lilac pink with shimmer. Pigmentation is not bad. One wipe across the cheek is good. Not bad, I like it. But the fallout. It’s ok it you use your hands but with a brush is just messy.  

Cupcake – a light neutral shade. Quite powdery, pigmented when swatched, but using a brush cannot really see.  

Lolly – a pastel neutral orange. Well, a bit of Popsicle colour. The picture washed off the colour. It’s a bit shimmery. Not really obvious. Swatch ok, but using a brush, I have to pack the colour in. Like at least three times for a little peachy to show.  

Bon Bon – a peach pink neutral orange coral shade. It’s a pretty colour when applied. Powdery yes, but it shows on the cheek. It’s not as pigmented, so its patchiness doesn’t really show up as much.  

So overall, the blushes, the darker shades are good cause the colour shows up more. Plus they are smoother. The rest are just more crumbly. I guess they are very soft. The way to use these is to tap with the brush. Swiping it, just makes the pigments break off into little particles. Messy and wasteful. So yes or no? For £1, it’s not bad. But honestly it’s a no for me. It’s good to try out colours as sometimes you just not sure if purple is a good cheek colour. So this will be good for that. 


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