Rimmel Wonder’Full

I finally gotten around to use this. I bought this a year ago when it was just newly released out to the market. I have this habit of buying and keeping them. I have a collection of new mascara in a box and I still buy more. Cause it’s so much cheaper to buy them overseas and I am still finding the one. That’s a lie, I do have a few favorites but I just like trying out new ones. So I kept buying them and you know with mascara every other month, a new must have will launch, how can you resist?


This one claim to have argan oil, that’s why it is so wonderfull for your lashes and the fact that it is suppose to make your lashes look fuller. Honestly, it’s average. It’s a wet formula and after 3 months, it’s still wet. It doesn’t dry up. It doesn’t have that disgusting mascara scent, so that’s nice. The wand is a flexible plastic with tiny spikes. The tip is just a ball of nothingness. You would think that the wand will be good for seperation of lashes, but it isn’t. At least not on my lashes. 

The formula is ok, a bit volumising but not dramatic. Quite clumpy. Doesn’t crisp so that’s good, but you can’t top up after an hour, cause it will clump even more. So for a none crisp mascara, this is not a day to night mascara. It will be just a mess for touch up. While under any other mascara, it’s slightly better. 

So do I think this is worth the money? I don’t think so. It has argan oil, which I think just makes the mascara less harmful to your lashes, but it doesn’t do anything. I also do think that the wand is a tad too big for me. So this is not a fav. 

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