Mica Bella Brush Set

I got this purely on how compact the set was. The brushes are tiny and the case can be a stand. It’s just cool. Sadly I broke the last brush holder. And the holders are small and can only fit certain size brushes, which is quite hard to replace. So once this brush “expired”, I can’t replace them. I never think that through. This is also not that cheap. It cost me $49 on sale, if I’m wrong. I seriously do not know why I purchase it. I don’t usually spend money excessively. Must be the too good to be true sale and a little moody day that I just have to buy things. 

This come with 9 brushes. Well, 6 hair brushes, a sponge, a smudger and a lash comb seperator tool. The tool is ok, not the best I’ve used but still handy to have around. Sponge and smudger, not my favorite. 

The hair ones are good. Is that weird calling them the hair ones? Anyway, there is a tiny brush which is for eyeliner, the one I broke the holder off. It’s small enough and can be use as a detailer brush instead. The other two smaller brushes can be use eyeshadow, concealer or even a lip brush, well maybe a bit too soft. But still works. A bigger shader brush, a buffing brush and a blush brush makes up the rest. 


All brushes are flexible. So that is nice. And having soft bristle just makes it so much nicer to apply to the skin. The best tools to use with powder. Cause it will just brush over your whole face oh so gently. 

So overall, I love this, but I wish it can be more flexible in term of what brushes I can replace them with. The price wise, I’m not happy cause I only enjoy using the face brushes. I sort of regret buying this, but I wouldn’t throw it away. I will use it and I will enjoy using it and I will travel with it. So it wasn’t all bad. 


2 thoughts on “Mica Bella Brush Set

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