Lipstick Queen Liptropolis Vol 1

I love lipstick, so naturally I want try this. This is a story of lipstick in New York. More exactly created in mind for 3 neighborhood in NY. Each color says something about the women who resides in those neighborhood. The packaging is a really cool magnetic closer book. It’s bulky, but really nice if you can get more. It will be like a nice collection of “books” on the shelf. 


So let’s take a look at the lipsticks. 


Upper East, the elegant nude. How is this nude? I guess it’s a neutral shade. A more wearable shade. It gives the lips a light wash of color. It’s more watermelon pink. A sheer jelly like finish. 


Central Park, the refined peach. This is so not peach. It’s more of a bright pink. It looks more red on the tube.  It’s quite loud. It’s more pigmented than the rest. It’s just a beautiful color on the lips. Really will help to brighten up the face. It’s a shiny finish. 


Soho, the fashionable red. This looks dark in the tube. When swatch, it’s actually quite sheer. A few layers need to be use for the color to pile up. It looks more like a stain on the lips. A berry pink. Well it’s a berry red from far. It’s not an easy color to apply. But it’s nice on the lips. Doesn’t feel like you are using lipstick. So it’s comfortable enough, but still it’s a color that will run off and look patchy. So the best way to use this is to use your finger to rub the lipstick in. Makes the color even and a nicer shade of red and finish. 

Overall, is just a so so brand. I was hoping for awhole lot more from Lipstick Queen. But I guess this is just one of their formula. So it’s an ok sheer lipstick, but it’s not a favorite. But I mean, it’s ok. Just don’t like the price tag. 


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