Detangling Brush

It can be used on wet or dry hair. It claims to tackle hair tangles and leaves hair shaft define and frizz free. 

Its a plastic hair brush which is hard and rigid for combing. At least on the scalp. For the rest of the hair length, it’s ok as it doesn’t touch the skin. So it’s not hard and painful. It does glide easily. So it does do its job of tangling hair. Then again, my hais in the first place is not that tangled. But I guess cause of the wide comb bristle, if just makes it easy to comb through the hair. 

My hais is also very thin and fragile. So I feel that it pulls at my hair a tad too much. A lot of hair will be pull out, but it doesn’t really tug at it. Plus I am used to small hair brush, so this is quite too big for me. I think this will be better for those who have beautiful thick hair. It will definitely help them.  

One thought on “Detangling Brush

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