1 Day Tattoo Set

I bought the wrong one. I wanted some Japanese mascara that people said was good I don’t really know what is the brand, but it’s just one of those brands that you see hanging around at Watsons with the rest of the mascaras and eyeliners. Anyway, this is not that bad. This is the 2 in 1 which consist of 1 Day Lash Perm in Black and 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Eyeliner in Super Black.

Mascara is a dry one. I like it. It’s a good natural mascara if you just lightly coat your lash. Or a dramatic mascara if you use more. It sort of clump but a good lash seperator brush thing can help. Anyway the more you use it, it doesn’t seems to clump anymore. it just coat every lashes and turn them really black, quite dramatic but not volumous. I like that my lashes get sort of curl even though I don’t curl it.

The wand is nice. It is not flexible so it has a lot of control. The wand is curve with a lot of different length britles.

The eyeliner is quite good. After a few seconds, it sets. No budging no smudge. It’s not the most black color. It has tiny shimmer or at least it appears that way on my hand. Application is good. The brush is a felt tip. I finally can do a mini wing with this. I am learning and succeeding in creating wing liner or just liner for that matter. Yay me! i guess the onky thing I don’t really like about this, is that it is not the most pigmented liner. So it appears like your liner is fading. Touch up is a must after few hours. So this can only be use under shadows to lock them in better. But it’s good enough for just lunch or dinner but bot a whole day thing.  


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