Brow Brushes

Well speaking of my fav brow product, I’ll show you what I have been using to fill in my brows. These are the four brushes that I rotate around. When it comes to brow, I like bristle to be thick and coarse. That way I brush the hair too instead of just colouring in. My fav is the shortest one. It’s the first brow brush I got. Bought it at Sasa and it’s a nobrand brush. Tried looking for it again, and I can’t find it anymore. It’s very thick and tough which is perfect for me. So it’s very easy and fast to use this. 
Next is something new. Just bought it during Sephora sale, $13.60 from $17. It’s also very nice to use. It’s thick, softer than the nobrand one, and really easy to apply brow powder. I really enjoy using this. If your brow hair is not unruly, this is a better product. But if taming your hair is important, the nobrand one is better. 

I have one from manicare. Bought this at $5 I think. This has a thinner bristle. But still slightly thicker than eyeliner brush. I used this interchangeably. It’s ok, if brow powder is dark, this will be good as it doesn’t really transfer product onto brow as much. 

Lastly is one from EcoTools. Surprisingly I like this. I prefer thicker, rougher bristle. But this is a thin angle brush which can be use for lining. This is slightly dense which is why I like it. It will slowly transfer the product onto the brow and it is easy to draw. But I sort have to use the darker shade first to outline the brow before I can slowly fill them in with the lighter shade. That’s why I like using the ELF brow with this cause of the wax part. It just makes it easy to stay on. 

Oh, there is one more brush I have the mention. It’s the RT brow. It is also quite thick. Not so rough but quite dense. I like it too, but I don’t seems to reach out for it as much. 


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