Sephora Creamy Body Wash – Green Tea

This is really creamy. But I have to squeeze more than a dollar coin size. That will pretty much just cover half of my body. So using a loofa will be a better option. This lather on quite ok, not so bubbly. The worse feeling is when rinsing, it always feel that there are some residue left behind but it’s just actually the fact your skin is very moisturise. I like it as I don’t need to apply body lotion after and I don’t have dry skin anymore. 

The scent is nice. It’s suppose be tea tree, but it doesn’t smell like that. At least not like what The Body Shop scent is like. It’s just a very clean refreshing unique scent. It’s not floral, not musky. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s just a nice mild scent.  


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