First Impression: Pure Smile Blue Heart Mask

This is like one of the cutest mask I’ve ever used. It’s just fun to apply especially for sleepover. It’s a bit scented so that is sort of something to take note of. From the foil it smells horrible. On the face it is ok. Still can smell it, but it wasn’t as bad.  

Pure Smile Facial Mask-Blue Heart:

*Damask rose flower extract gives moisture to your face skin.

*Portulaca oleracea extract keeps your face skin healthy.

*Witch hazel extract organize and tighten your face skin.

*Hyaluronic acid gives your face skin tension and flexibleness.

*Collagen gives your face skin tension and luster. 

I kind of like it except in the end the scent kind of get to me. It’s a very wet mask, so can be a bit slippery. But it stick on the face, so it’s alright. And it fits my face quite nicely even though it doesn’t seems that way. It’s just comfortable on the face. It’s hydrating. Plus I’m using this in an air con room, and my face feels very cooking. It’s like the mask absorb the cold. Overall, I like it. 


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