LM Tinted Moisturiser

 Just had to try again. This time I got in shade nude. The swatch is alright but I feel it is still not the perfect shade. I think I should have choose Bisque or Sand. But according to the creme compact, Blush is a good match for me. I guess it really depend on the look after I blend it. 

Still the same. It doesn’t leave my skin matte so it’s better for colder months. But this spread so much easier than the last time I tried. I feel now I am so much choosier in term of finding something I like. I mean I like a lot of things. But I will be more incline to say no it’s ok but I don’t like it. Last time I ok, but I will try to make it work. Now, what doesn’t work, I try to give it away to people who like it better. 

So, this is still a so-so. Maybe when I finally find the best shade that fit and my skin is more stable, I will like this better. It’s still a great tinted moisturiser. I just feel for an oil free one, it’s not great.  


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