Lash Sensational

Finally something waterproof. I’ve been using a lot of mascara lately. That’s mean I have a lot of opened mascara at the moment. I’m just like that. Pretty obsessed with one thing at some point of a time. I always love mascara and lip glosses, lipstick now, but it’s been awhile. 

I am not so in love with The Rocket or They’re Real. But I have to try this.  It’s a typical Maybelline tube. Suppose to be a lilac pink, but I don’t like the color. The wand at first does look quite weird. It’s a curve and with a little fangs at the inside of the end. Remind me of the L’Oreal Wings (end up I bought that to compare). But this one the “wings” is not so prominent. 

I quite like this and I’ve been using it a lot. I wanted to review so many mascara, but I feel since this is the newer one in the market, so I just want to get it out there. I’d used this for 2 months plus. So it’s a good amount of time for a proper review. The formula is average, not wet not dry. It’s lengthening, the more coat you use the more it will clump. But the length it can create, just wow. Plus the volume, can be seen as it’s just thicker. I mean it is a black mascara, so obviously it will darken your lashes. 
The wand can be bent but it’s not flexible. And I find that I don’t use the outside curve of the wand. I use it to separate my lashes but it will fail most of the time. Cause more product will just cling on instead. So, I use about 2/3 coats and it just gives the most natural finish ever. It just gives your lashes a coated look. Plus the little fangs really help with coating the outside lashes of my eyes. 


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