First Impression: Bird Nest Mask

Had 3 masks that has bird’s nest on it. So i thought ill just review them altogether.  Personally I don’t really see what is different bout this, but oh well.  

My beauty diary imperial bird’s nest is ok. Its a normal sheet mask. Quite a refreshing mask but nothing much really. But it is a good fit for my face. 

Sister diary pearl bird’s nest is a thin mask. Quite cooling upon application. The mask kept dropping down for some reason. The fit is just wrong. But is ok. 

My beauty diary bird’s nest mask is so wet. The essence just kept dripping onto my neck. Plus this has a very strong alcohol scent. A bit uncomfortable to use actually. Not sure why. 

So I guess I can conclude that these masks are nice to use, but you won’t really see much a difference. If daily use, then it really does help to hydrate the skin. Cause of the essence that is being absorbed by the mask. Well, I guess they are also helpful as those things where you put in the fridge so you get a cooling sheet mask for your face. But other than that, these don’t cost that much, so that’s what you get. 


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