Biore Cleansing Water

My number 1 choice of makeup remover is still the Biore line. I like their makeup wipes, the oil and now the water. It’s basically just water that can so call remove waterproof mascara. How well? Pretty alright. I don’t really use heavy makeup. I don’t have super hard to remove mascara, so this works well on me. It cleanse the skin and remove most trace of makeup. 


Actually, what I like to do is use a cleansing wipe to remove the makeup then use this and cotton to remove whatever is left. If not, I have to use about 4 cotton pads to roughly remove all makeup. 

The Biore one as compare to the rest so far is that, this has a snout of a pump. So it’s actually easier to get the product out. If press too hard, it can get messy but I mean you just learn to use it along the way. 

So overall, it is not bad. The price point is also ok. Bought mine at $15.90 for a 300ml bottle. I mean for all I know they only have it in one size. So yea, not bad. 


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