Tony Tint Delight

Got this in shade 01, which is just a cherry red. It’s a very nice red, and it’s good staining power. I swatched it on my hand, took a picture and I removed with a makeup remover wipe. Stained. I did not take a good picture of the tube. It has a heart shape on the top of the cap. So from top, it’s a heart. So cute. 

The wand is quite thin, so it’s really easy to get the edges of the lips. A good size wand. Easy to handle. 

The product is good in term of colouring the lips. Plus it really does stain the lips. After hours, and cleansing oil, my lips will still be stain. At first will be glossy, then it will be matte out. It won’t really look drying unless your really zoom on it. The problem though my lips is not evenly pigmented. My natural lips, inner, outer, top and bottom is a different shade. So the colour  does not evenly distributed. That’s why it’s darker on the inside of the lips. It’s just so obvious. 

I probably don’t look good with any stain. Since now, I just can’t find any liquid like stain that looks good on me. Oh well. 


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