Super Lustrous Lipstick – Icy Violet


There is just something cool about a purple lipstick. This is more of a dull purple. It’s a pearl finish so it has that little metallic shine. Surprisingly it’s very wearable. I like all the Super Lustrous lipstick so far. They all are pigmented and easy to wear. It goes on smooth and comfortable to use. So it’s just the color that sometimes don’t really seems to be wearable. This is cause of the name, it’s too icy, so it just seems very cold. But luckily it’s very nice on the lips. 

There is a color – Cherry Blossom, which is my fav from the line. It’s a pretty plum shade. But I think it drop out of my bag and it was never seen again. Once I lost that, Icy violet became the color I reached out to use the most. So it just goes to show that this is a good wearable everyday shade. Slightly dual shimmer tone, but not obvious. It just brings a good dimension on the lips. 


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