Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake


I’m a little bit obssessed on eye brow product. Browns always look better on me. But for some reason there are days that it just doesn’t suit my face. It’s like when I look at myself in the mirror, it just look very weird. So I panicked and tried to find a greyish shade. I decided to open this up and try it. It turned out to be really good. 

I think it’s just a universal brow product. It has a brown and slightly greyish shade. The brown is also a very light brown. On the brows, don’t look too brown. If you have dark brows, the color different cant really be seen. So it’s good to apply either shade.

Lasting power is not that good. It can last, but you sort of have to touch up if you want to go for a late dinner. The brush is tiny but it’s good. At least it’s my fav kind for brows. It’s slightly thick and coarse but not harsh. So it will fill in the brow and at the same time brush the hair. But it’s just small, so holding it is not that nice. The mirror is good. It’s small but very clear. So you can see your whole face if you want too. Very sturdy packaging. It is a good product to bring on the go. I highly recommend this, unless you like dark eye brows. 


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