Trilogy Handbag Heroes

Got this for Christmas. It’s a very nice small trio set with a cute small makeup pouch. It’s smaller than my iPhone plus. So it has a Rosehip Oil Antioxidant, Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream and Rosehip Oil Lip Balm. 

The lipbalm has peppermint in it, so its quite nice. It is a clear oily rather liquid-like balm. It is 7ml, so really good decent amount. It makes your lips rather shiny. So it can be used a clear gloss I guess. It’s not bad, helps prevent chapped lips during cold weather, but it doesn’t exactly heal them if you have cracked lips. 

The oil is ulti purpose. I guess the main purpose is to actually use them as a moisturiser. Like a touch up on the go, if your face start to get dry. I don’t really like the smell. It takes time to get used to it. It is only 2.5ml, but a little goes a long way. It has like a little pump, so that’s nice too. In the end, this can only be used for cold weather. Or basically for people with dry skin. I still keep it in my bag, cause it’s just cute to have around. 

The hand cream is 20ml. It has the scent of Cethaphil with a hint of orange. A bit weird, cause I don’t like the sweet orange smell. But the “medicated” scent helps making this better. It’s a thick cream as in it seems light until you try to spread it out to your hands. It just seems to sink into the skin so quick that you have to apply more. But it’s good. It means that the product get absorb into the skin and not just grace the surface. Takes a minute to dry, then it leaves your hand feeling really soft. It’s quite good for dry hands. Just the waiting time. So, use this only when you know your hands will be free for at least a minute. 

Overall, I think the set is catered to people who lives in colder country. But still a good mini set to have handy in your bag. It’s not that cheap though. I think it’s about $40. 


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