Nuxe Moisturisers

Tried more Nuxe Moisturisers. I do like Nuxe as a brand. And I feel their skincare is really good for all skin type, despite what it says for normal/oily/dry skin. It’s just good for anyone who sleeps in air condition room or in cold country. 

Moisturising Deep Wrinkle Emulsion is quite hydrating and yet doesn’t leave my skin oily. Really nice sample to have around. 

Brightening Moisturising Emulsion is a good moisturiser. It helps to hydrate dry skin without leaving it greasy. It is gentle on the skin. I think this is their whitening range, but I see no difference to my skin tone. 

Ultra Comfortable Face Cream is stated for day, so I guess it has SPF. I totally did not pay attention to the details except to just use it on the day. I am a bit scared of this as it stated for dry skin. In the end, it’s alright but not my favourite. And it’s a bit whiter on the skin then the rest, so had to make sure everything is really blended into the skin. 


2 thoughts on “Nuxe Moisturisers

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