Maracuja Creaseless Concealer


The first time I used this, a lot of “oil” came out. Then the product felt like it was half empty. I kept searching online if I got a used product. Some people did comment the product seems very little and will run out very fast. So I guess, ya ok, that meant it has very little product. 

My shade is light-medium. It doesn’t look like the right shade, but once blended, it will blend nicely. It’s also quite long lasting. Great for undereyes. It’s a bit thick, at least it feels like that. But it is opaque when blended, so that’s quite nice. As it doesn’t feel heavy. 

It’s not bad. Really. It just doesn’t feel like it’s worth your money. Cause it seems really empty. Like half of the product is gone. But I mean a little goes a long way, so it’s alright. Still a bit on the fence about this. So I don’t know. I will finish it up, but I probably will not repurchase. Then again, I do like that it is such a full coverage concealer. Hmm..


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