HD Brows Eyeshadow Palette

It’s a gift with purchase. It’s HD Brows, which sadly I never heard before. All I can think about is that it should be a good brow product kind of brand. So an eyeshadow palette is not so interesting to me. This is the shade 002 Foxy. It’s a very pretty neutral palette with 5 shadows and a dual ended brush. The brush is not bad. 

Bare – a base peachy white. Very smooth, a reflective colour. It’s a satin finish. 

Golden – a bronze gold. Glittery, pretty for all over lid. I like to use it on its own. 

Honey – a light ashy warm brown. A slight satin. 

Bronze – metallic glittery bronze. Real pretty. 

Truffle – deep glittery brown. Pretty for outer corner. Pretty for lid too. 

I do love the colours. They are all wearable. Doesn’t swatch as wow as others, it’s quite hard to get the colour capture right, but on the eyes is superb. It just blend well. The colour will show through. With primer, it will last. Can be use for day or night. It’s basically my kind of palette. 


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