MAC DSquared Sculpt and Shape Powder


Totally forgot about this. Found this in one of my old luggage. This is in Accentuate Sculpt. It is one side a soft light pink shimmery highlight and another a medium matte brown. My aunt used this a lot until she sort of hit pan on the contour powder and pass it on to me. It was so long ago, maybe 5 years or so? 

The colours are alright, I mean I should throw this away. And see how much of the contour is used up. Actually not a lot. It just cracked and tossed aside. But the brown is really a nice tone for crease and light contouring. It’s great for beginners too. As it won’t emphasized the contoured. I guess cause if your skin is darker, it won’t really show. 

Oh well, but you see, I should really not buy anymore makeup. I just have too many and I can never finished them up. Except face powders, eventually I will hit pan. 


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