Sephora Mud Mask

Had to buy this cause I heard good reviews. Plus I want to compare this to GlamGlow. I know it’s quite impossible to compare, but nothing wrong with trying out. 

This is said to be purifying and mattifying. And no, my skin doesn’t get less oily with frequent use. So no difference in that. It’s a very cool dark mask, just like all mud mask suppose to be I guess. It doesn’t smell any less weird that any mud mask I’d tried. In fact, I do like the scent of this. It’s quite deep and calming to me. It applied easily and will dry matte. Unfortunately not a peeling mask, so you have to wash it away. 


It’s quite a painful mask if I’m honest. But no pain no gain, so I continue to use it. It doesn’t tingle, but it just hurt my face. Like my cheeks will just be in pain. So I don’t really leave the mask on for too long. Maybe 5 minutes if it’s unbareable, then I wash it away. Then again, I notice that it happened cause my face is not perfect. I have spots and it just irritate my skin. 

I stop using for a good month or so as I was using other masks. Then I got a shock when I started using it again. For some weird reason, the masks turn out a bit grainy. I guess the mud is drying out, that’s my first thought. I’m not sure if it meant that it spoilt or something. But look at the amount of product I have left. I can’t just throw it away. Then upon researching and I found this draft post with the above photo, turn out the mask has always been that way. Silly me. 


So here is a better look at how the mask is. It’s not a smooth mask for sure. It will still dry to be a matte lighter grey. That part is actually my fav part of mud mask. It’s still quite painful when applied to certain area on my face. But the more I use the better it gets. And see how much product I have left and I had use this a lot. 

The mask is good. Takes some time to wash off the remains. But eventually leave the skin super smooth. In term of getting my skin to be better, I don’t really think so. Cause I still have spots. I feel GlamGlow is much better. Cause with GG I can see a difference even after the first use and I always want to use it. This, I can take a month pause. But I mean it’s not bad. It’s only S$29. So I mean you can’t compare it. Still fun to use if you want a mud mask. It’s not too expensive, it’s quite a fair amount and it will last you forever. 


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