Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water


There is 2 things I’m quite obsessed about recently. One is micellar water and the other is facial mist. I’ve been trying to buy and collect all the affordable brands and try them out. With mists, at least there is the 50ml, which is small enough and way cheaper. 

So I really like the Avene one. The most is so fine that you don’t feel like it touch your skin at all. But it’s there alright, cause everything else will sort of get wet and you will feel that. Like my shirt for instance or the floor. I’m just bad spraying things okay?!

I do feel that this refreshes my face and really help to calm down any irritation. It doesn’t claim to be any makeup setting or what, but I do use it as that. I have to make sure my face don’t appear powdery. This is good for that. I feel that it also sort of set my makeup in place. I mean no proof of that, but my makeup seems to be able to last longer. I don’t know, it’s just feel that way. Maybe it’s in my head. But oh well. I really enjoy this a lot. Plus there is no scent in this. 

Maybe it’s just water. Probably is. But buying this again, I don’t think I will though. 


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