Foreo VS Clarisonic

I originally bought the Foreo cause people say that in the long run will save your money. So I tried it for about 2 months and no matter what, I just had to get the Mia. I was just curious to compare the two. 


Bought this at airport. It’s the US version so the plug is the only one I have to use an extender. It’s not as bad as I seldom charge it. At first I was like damn, this only last for 1 hour and I realise that 1 hour is actually at least a month of use. And if you don’t use it everyday, it will last a whole lot longer. I like that the charger is magnetic. So it’s really unique, at least to me. I also like the cleanser. It’s very gentle yet effective at removing makeup. It doesn’t break me out and I do think that it helps make my skin better. 

The tool itself has 2 speed setting. And I think it’s a waste of money to get that as I don’t even bother changing the setting. It will automatically off once you use for that one cycle. So that’s nice or it can be irritating if you wanted to use longer. The brush is the sensitive skin. It’s suppose to be gentle which at first I find kind of rough. It’s like sort of exfoliating your skin in a very harsh way. I really don’t like that. Then I put less pressure when holding the Mia. I just sort barely touch the end of the brush on my face. I find that it’s so much better. It’s gentle and cleanse well. So for those who think that this is too harse, it might be the way you handle the tool. 


Foreo, I get the blue one which is for oily skin. Does it really help with oily skin? No. I find that my face get worse with use. As in it just kept getting oily after a few hours. I never change my makeup look, so it just have to be this. 

The tool itself, I really like for a make up removal. It’s very gentle and since you basically just charge once and it can last forever, it’s really convenient too. So far I haven’t had to charge it. It has this +- button to change the intensity but it’s quite useless to me. Cause I just never know when I had max it. But I do like that it does vibrate longer when it tell you that you are done with your cycle. So you can off it. But it will continue to vibrate. So you can continue. But anyway, the point is for you to have it off and on again cause you have to do the cycle twice. The second time is to use the back as a massager for anti aging care. Not sure if it’s useful. Sometime I use it. Sometime I just on and off cause I don’t have time. 

So my verdict? I feel that both tool have their purpose. Like depending on what you want you need different tool. Foreo is good for daily cleansing. Clarisonic is good for deeper cleansing. I like them both. I use them both. But if I’m in a hurry, the Clarisonic is my choice cause it just seems faster. Foreo feels like your skin is being pampered kind of feel. But of course in the long run, Foreo is cheaper. As after about 2 months, I feel my Clarisonic brush head is quite dirty and I need to replace it. Even though I don’t use it daily. 


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