Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara


So this is a double ended mascara. One side is a primer the other side a black mascara. It’s a natural bristle wand and not too thin not too fat. It is a lengthening mascara. An average one. It’s good for those who already have full lashes. As this will just help to lengthen it. If those with sparse lashes, then it won’t be so dramatic like the ads. 

I prefer to use it on its own without the primer cause I’m lazy that way. It’s very natural looking to me. It coats all my lashes evenly and without any clumps. 

If I use with the primer, I find that it can get a little bit clumpy. Plus your lashes will be white in colour. So you have to use the primer then quickly use the mascara. It has to be fast to make sure that the primer doesn’t dry up on your lash and thus leaving you with white lashes. So sometime it can get a bit tricky. And it will kind of clump. It doesn’t give volume so it’s just not pretty. 

So in the end, I don’t think this is worth the hassle. But I mean it’s a good mascara in the first few uses. 


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