MJ Honey Pump Gloss Neo

The first time ever I used this, I almost cry. The plumping effect was so painful. It was really the worse gloss I’ve ever put on. But I decided for some unknown reason to put it on again and the plumping is no longer there. It just become a gloss. So it’s not a good product at all. Not consistent at all. And the thing is, once I declare it a gloss, it started to tingle again, so it’s like after about 5 minute of use it works. But only for about 3 seconds. Weird product. 

It’s quite thick and shimmery. This is shade 22. Quite pretty actually. Has a light hint of pink in it. But it hardly shows unless your natural lips is really light. Without the tingling, it’s a comfortable gloss to wear. You can still feel it on, but it’s not irritating. Oh well, I wouldn’t recommend it. 


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