Radiant Creamy Concealer

I was so in love with this the first time I apply it. It’s so creamy and full coverage. It covers my dark circle rather well. I got the shade medium2 Ginger. Among all the shades, I think this is the one that suit me the most. But I don’t know. Cause a week of using this, I feel the colour doesn’t really seem to suit me. It’s just too yellow. It feels too yellow. It’s like it looks good when I just apply it normally in front of the mirror. But when I zoom in to take a closer look, the shade doesn’t seem right. I have to blend it more and it spread out leaving it no longer as full coverage. 

In term of wear, it’s alright. It last alright for a full day at work. It doesn’t crease. It slightly fade away but not too bad. I’m not sure if a base or lack of is responsible for the appearance of the concealer. The thing I like is the radiance it gave me. I don’t like that some days this is best, some days is a dud. 

I am really having mix feeling about this. 


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