Anastasia Travel Brow Kit

Saw this in the isle of temptation. I was like damn I didn’t know they carried Anastasia here. But I was too lazy to go down to pick up the proper product. So I was left with travel size pack in the shade dark brown. This is AU$23. Seems reasonable enough at the time. It has 3 product. 

The clear brow gel is 2.5ml stated as mini. It’s really just a clear brow gel. Good for people with untamed brow hair. I don’t really set my brows, but I mean it’s nice to have around. Just in case. Nonetheless, a good product. Set everything in place. It doesn’t appear waxy, but it’s just slight stiff. 

The mini tweezers is fine. It’s always nice to have good tweezers around. It’s a slanted tip, really sturdy. Really good at getting the hair out. 

The mini brow wiz is 0.024g. What you see in the picture above, is basically how much product you get. So you can see why this is not worth the money. It’s so thin and fragile. So easy to break. You have to be really careful applying this. The product itself is great. It’s a good colour. Dark brown seems to suit me well. It transfer well and manage to shape my brows with no problem. It just easy and I can see why so many people love this. I actually do like this cause it’s so compact and when you take the cap off, it can be connected making the pencil longer. So yeah, it’s good. Just too little. 

So $23, reasonable price? I think not. But I am glad I did pick it up. It’s nice to have minis. And it’s nice to try something new. 


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