First Impression: 7th Heaven Blemish Mud

I liked this cause it’s fun when the mask harden after a few minutes. It is actually a kaolin clay. So the colour is grey and it smells rather awful. Once I put it on, it wasn’t that bad. Only when I remove it do I smell the unpleasantness. But it’s not that strong. So it doesn’t repulse me. 

It’s a very soothing mask. For deep cleansing, I don’t really think it does. But I wouldn’t know. How do you know it deep cleanse? Anyway, this is for problem skin. I’ve been having such a bad break out on my forehead, so I thought I give this a go. It Downey make it worse. It sure calm my face down a bit. Oh after removing it, by peeling the dry flakes (so fun) and the rest of the mask by a wet washcloth, my face actually looks brighter. 

And lastly, as usual with these kind of masks, it came mostly in 20g, which is really a lot for one person. So it is quite wasted. It will be a much better use if there is someone who will share this. There is still a lot left even though I piled up my face and covered it good. So this gets a 2 thumbs up!


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