First Impression: Tony Moly Fresh Tangerine Hand Mask

This is awesome. It’s basically a plastic hand gloves and you tear them apart to get the masks for both hands. It’s not messy at all as the essence is sealed. I don’t know why I think that the outside will be filled with essence too. So inside has this mesh like material and it’s soaked with the moisturising goodness. It’s quite a big so it should fit everyone. Not sure how long to put it on, but I just wore it for 20 minutes. Then upon removal, just rub the excess between hands. It’s not sticky and it leaves my hands very smooth. 

The best part, when I wake up, my hands are so soft. I’m just so impress. Like it will last that long. Granted I didn’t do anything. Just sleeping, but my hands are still soft and smooth. Hand cream doesn’t last that long. Oh, and the smell of oranges is quite subtle. Only can be smelt when putting on the mask, cause that’s when you open up the mask. 


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