MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner – Petrol Blue

I’ve been using MAC and Sephora a lot. Well I guess I bought way too much during the sales. This is a gorgeous blue with glitter. I sure don’t need another eyeliner. I don’t use them. But I had to get this. It glides easily when swatch. It is ok on the eyes and doesn’t irritate them. It’s not a soft liner.  I feel that the kohl liner is much better as it is so much smoother. But this is alright. I just have to slowly draw short lines on my lid. From the outer to the inner. It doesn’t break, so it’s actually quite easy to apply. 

If you use colour, this will be great. But if you are a neutral tone girl, then this may be a bit bold. It will be a pretty weekend night pop of colour. Which is what I intend to do. Then again, I don’t use eyeliner. So this is just sitting pretty in the drawer. 


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