Urban Decay Cannonball

I was quite surprise to see this in Sephora. I thought they would have taken this off the shelves long ago. Isn’t it the way with these kind of product? Anyway I’m glad I saw it. Cause I always wanted to try it as some youtuber was saying how this is the best waterproof mascara. 

I do agree that it is a waterproof mascara. It just won’t budge nor smudge. Quite hard to remove too. It’s also quite lengthening which is nice. But this is not a full mascara. It doesn’t give me a very full lash. It’s just very lengthening but no volume. And you have to coat the lashes quickly cause it will get crisp within 5 seconds. So this is a good topper. First step to use a volumising mascara, then top with this = full looking lashes. 


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