Rouge Infusion The Neutrals 17 Petal

I’d used this so many time that the words just rub off. This is basically a gloss, but it claimed to be very long wearing. So I’m not sure if you can consider this a stain, cause it’s not exactly glossy and it sort of stain my hand after the swatch. I guess I will put it under lip lacquer. 

This is the neutrals one shade Petal, a pretty pinkish nude. Maybe even on the mauve side. It’s really pretty on the lips, as long as you don’t move it to much. It’s not exactly easy to put on. As on the lips, it’s kind of pastel. So it takes time for me to make it even. Maybe it’s just my lips. But I do like that it stays on my lips for awhile. Longer than expected. Even though it says 10hours, and I don’t expect it to be. I still do get about 4 hours wear. 

It’s 0.32 fl.oz. and has a very flowery perfume smell. I like it enough. Especially at the beginning when it’s so much easier to use. The longer I have it, the more it seems different. I guess it’s just me. Overall, I like this better than the cream lip stain. 


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