Eglips Blur Powder Pact

Powder powder powder. Anything that say blur or matte, I’ll be very interested. I just had to get them. Especially when the price is quite alright. 

This is especially good for touch up. It’s compact and comes with a puff that is quite seperated from the powder. You can totally remove the plastic divider if you want. I just keep it cause it’s still quite new. In future I will get rid of it cause it just makes life easier. So the powder is in shade 23 which is the darkest and it’s still lighter than my skin tone. I’m used to it. But at least it just disappear from my face. It’s light I mean so it’s not that obvious. 

Using this as a setting powder doesn’t work. Cause my face will be back to its oily state within a few hours. So it’s just good as a touch up. It helps to prolong my face makeup to last till the night. 


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