Emu Oil Moisturising Cream

Emu oil moisturiser! It’s a cream, not sure if you can use this on the face, but I guess so. I just use this as a body lotion. It’s not exactly a thick cream. It’s just not that easy to blend into the skin. It just becomes “thick” and takes a while to sink into the skin. If you use a little, it will be easier. It’s very moisturising though. Perfect for the cold weather. Perfect for fall or winter. Once it sinks in, it leaves your skin feeling smooth. The scent is really nice too. Can’t describe what it is, but it’s a good scent. Probably a fake nice scent, but it’s still good. This is not that expensive too. Can easily buy this in supermarket. Aussie supermarket is a good place to buy cosmetic. This is 250g, and after using it for awhile, I still have a lot left. Not sure if I will be able to finish it at all. So it’s a good buy for really dry skin. 


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