the SAEM Tip Concealer


I’m a little bit crazy on concealers this year. My face is so bad that all I did and do is – conceal and hide and cover. That’s all synonyms, and that’s the sad truth about my face. My mindset is that I have to try every concealer out there. But first I will get all the affordable ones. This cost me $5. It has a SPF28 and it’s only 1.5g. The picture is quite dark, but the shade is probably a Mac NC25. It’s too light for me. So it’s only good for under the eyes. I think this is in the shade 21. I’m not too sure. 

It’s a medium to full coverage so that’s nice. It dries very fast, so you have to work fast. It leave behind a sheen, so it won’t makes you look flat. I wish it’s in the right shade. But it looks alright. It looks good under my eyes. It covers just enough. I guess cause it’s pigmented, so it does its job. Plus it brighten the area too. That’s a bonus. But if undereyes are too black, this covers, just still can see a bit. 

It can last a good office hours long. At least when I come home, my face doesn’t look as bad. I can see that the concealer is fading, but it still covers a little. This doesn’t crease too. So two thumbs up. 


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