It’s Top by Italy Lip Pencils

I thought I just try these 2 out. I got one matte and one satin. The black packaging Matte Lip Pencil is in the shade 5. It’s a beautiful coral, more towards peach. As a matte lip, it’s very drying. And with my dry lips, it really is the worse. The colours is quite light on me. So it doesn’t transfer well. Even on normal less dry lips days, this doesn’t look as good. It still emphasis the dryness. Not sure if it is the colour or the overall formula of the matte pencil. 

Satin Lip Pencil on the other hand is a beautiful nude that is quite lovely on the lips. This is in the shade 6. It transfer well on the lips and yes it still show a bit of the dryness, but it is not as bad. I prefer this obviously, but the formula is really much better. It’s smoother and more comfortable on the lips. 

I can’t remember how much these cost. But if I’m not wrong it’s $8+ each. So, not really worth actually. It’s better to get the MUA one. 


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