Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

I bought 3 shades of Etude House brow pencils. This is the one that comes in a twistable triangle pencil and a spoolie on the other end. The product is slightly waxy, so it will tame the brow at the same time. I like that it is a bit triangle, so it’s easy to shape the brow. You can make it thinner or fatter depending on which area you focus on. It is also long lasting, so no problem with having to touch up. If needed, touch up will be easy. 

Shade 3 is a brown which suppose to have a hint of grey, which I guess you can say that. But it’s just not so obvious. On me, it looks alright. But sometime brown can be a bit too indifference.
Shade 4 is a dark grey. It’s almost as close to black, but it’s not so dark. On me it does appear quite dark, but I just feels quite conscious using this.
Shade 5, is a light grey, which is the one most suited to me. Or so I think. It still looks dark, but it’s alright. It’s quite hard to swatch on the back of my hand, but on the brows, it’s good. 

Overall, these brows products are good and easy to use. They transfer well and create natural looking brows. Even if you use it with short stroke or one long stroke, with the help of the spoolie, it’s easy to blend the product. So yeah, good product. 


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