Biore UV Perfect Spray

Saw this at my HDB local store and it’s $2 cheaper than Guardian. Of course I have to grab it. Apparently they have the jumbo size one, but I just wanted to try to compare this and the L’Oreal UV City Mist. So the major different is the spray nozzle. This is more plastic looking but surprisingly in term of press, this is alright. It’s comfortable to use and the spray is very fine. It’s really just mist. So it’s a good sunscreen really. 

This, they say can be used for body, face and hair. It won’t make you oily. I guess that’s why you can use it for hair too. I have a body UV spray and a hair one too. But this basically just said can be use for all. I guess all the sprays can be use for all, but I feel more comfortable knowing that they test it out to be used for such purposes. I am just scared of oily hair and oily face. 

So yes this is just as good as the L’Oreal one and it’s much cheaper too. But I do feel a bit heavy after a few hours. Like, there is some residue setting in on my face. Not sure why. I haven’t really use the whole can yet. Once I’m done I will update again. 


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