Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Hydrogel Mask

Is Rachel K the brand even active now? I saw this in my notes and so I guess forgot that I have to blog about it. It’s a gel like texture mask. So it’s really fun to put on. A bit messy, but it’s a nice feeling.  It has 2 layers. One for the top face and one for the bottom. The jelly is quite fragile, a bit of nail and it can tear apart. But I do enjoy using this. This is for normal, oily and acne prone skin, which I don’t really feel it. Also you are suppose to put this on for half hour to 40 mins. So that’s quite long. I don’t really feel much different using this. It also doesn’t say to need to use this more than once, etc. So after using this twice, I really don’t see much difference to my skin, other than I just enjoy using the mask. 


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