Peripera Cushion Pang Ting

I like this. It smells like candy. It’s so sweet and the packaging is so easy to use. It’s a pen with a sponge applicator. So basically you just click on the product to come out; it will slowly stained the sponge and that’s when you know the product is out. It’s easy to apply and you can drag it across the lips or just dab it over. This can be used as a gradient effect, but the shade is quite light so it doesn’t contrast very well. 

My Mine Peach is a light milky pink. It’s just very sweet and surprisingly none streaky. It did stained my hand after the swatched, but on my lips not so much. Not sure if the colour is too light so the tint doesn’t show as much or what. Nonetheless it’s still a beautiful wearable colour. I really enjoy this. 

I bought it at about $12 on sale. It doesn’t have much selection in term of colour. Cause most of them is red, pink and orange. It’s just in those family colour tone. I wanted a more neutral shade so I can wear it daily. So I’m happy with this. 

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